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Non-Structural Foundation Repairs-Cheaper, Quicker.

Structural strength considers the capability of a foundation system to support its intended dead and live loads. Structural strength is concerned with stability, component strength, and material soundness. When the data and engineering analysis clearly indicate this foundation has sustained a non-structural performance (serviceability) failure by deflecting greater than analogous deflection limit of L/360, non-structural remedial measures are appropriate.

Know Your Structural Failure. Performance or Strength?

Shallow bearing structural foundation systems function to safely separate habitable areas from the exterior environment and limit damage or distress to interior/exterior brittle building materials. By design, post tension slab on grade foundation systems are stiff enough to buffer potentially […]

TRCC Abolished? What Now? The Wild Wild West?

The Sunset Act, which is chapter 325 of the Government Code, requires that the legislature review each state agency periodically to determine whether the functions of that agency should continue. In the 2009 regular session of the Texas Legislature, the […]