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TRCC Abolished. What’s Next-The Wild Wild West?

Ok.  The TRCC no longer exists.  So what’s a home owner to do?  The following excerpt reprinted from the TRCC website attempts to shed some light on this question. Revised FAQs—August 18, 2009  (Sourced from TRCC Website) What does it […]

Foundation Repair? Understanding Residential Slab Underpinning

Slab on Grade Foundation Systems gained popularity on a mass scale after World War II.  Many returning veterans needed affordable and reliable housing in primarily suburban areas of the United States.  To build homes in volume, developers and builders chose […]

How Residential Foundations Work: Slabs 101

One of the most frequent questions I get from my consumer clients is:  Do I need to get my house slab repaired, and if so, what is the proper repair method? As you can imagine, there are a myriad of […]