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TRCC Abolished? What Now? The Wild Wild West?

The Sunset Act, which is chapter 325 of the Government Code, requires that the legislature review each state agency periodically to determine whether the functions of that agency should continue. In the 2009 regular session of the Texas Legislature, the […]

TRCC Abolished. What’s Next-The Wild Wild West?

Ok.  The TRCC no longer exists.  So what’s a home owner to do?  The following excerpt reprinted from the TRCC website attempts to shed some light on this question. Revised FAQs—August 18, 2009  (Sourced from TRCC Website) What does it […]

San Antonio, Texas-Dry Weather Can Crack Home Foundation

Mary Heidbrink, Express-News Staff Writer – It appears like a route on a roadmap, a squiggly line inching from the corner of the door toward the ceiling. It gets wider, like an expanding thoroughfare. Then, the door that had been […]