We will contact you shortly to discuss your appointment request.  The following applies once we receive payment:

  1. You authorize Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc. to access the property structure to perform the requested engineering services.
  2. You accept and agree to the following terms, conditions, & service scope:
    • Structural inspection scope, analyses, opinion(s), & reporting are limited to the main building (residence) and its connecting structures such as wall frames, roof structures, garages or utility rooms.
    • Attics and foundation crawl spaces must be safely and reasonably accessible to the engineer.  The inspecting engineer must have reasonable visual access to the underfloor crawl space foundation and raised floor structural components.
    • Please assure any underfloor crawl space or attic areas are open and accessible for engineer’s safe access at the time of the inspection. This may include removing attic scuttle hole access panels, underfloor crawl space access panels, doors, vents, or other temporary barriers as necessary for inspection completion.  Please provide a ladder for attic access scuttle holes which do not have a pull-down ladder.
    • Attic access pull-down ladders must be reasonably sturdy and safe to carry its rated load.  Visual observations of any site structure shall not require the use of ladders, man lifts, or elevated platforms.
    • For city structural inspections, please assure the structure (foundation, etc.) is exposed and ready to be observed by the engineer according to the engineer’s instructions. Please contact Jeff Lineberger at 210-601-1379 if you have questions.
    • Other relevant observations, analysis, and opinions may be coincidentally provided to customer by engineer at engineer’s sole discretion. Engineer’s written reports usually take 3-5 business days to deliver to customer via PDF/email.
    • Our ‘standard’ report delivery time is 3-5 business days after the conclusion of the inspection via email. You may request guaranteed ‘expedited’ report delivery (same day, 24hr., 48 hr.) for an additional fee. We will do our best to email your written report to the address provided within following the conclusion of engineering services without any ‘expedited’ delivery guarantees or additional delivery fees.  Please contact us upon receipt of this document should you require guaranteed ‘expedited’ report or letter delivery (additional fees apply).
    • Engineering findings may be provided (verbally) to the customer immediately following the conclusion of services if requested.  We recommend securing a written, sealed engineering report or certification letter for future reference.
    • A reasonable amount of phone support can be provided to the customer should specific technical questions arise following delivery of the written report/certification letter to the customer. CUSTOMER SERVICE 866-440-0003.
    • Appointment cancellation policy.  Appointments must be cancelled 24 hrs.  in advance of the scheduled appointment by email ([email protected]), text or by phone (210-601-1379) to Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc. to receive a 100% payment refund (less transaction processing fees if paying with a credit card).  When paying by credit card, you authorize Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc. to charge your credit card 100% of the service fee should appointment cancellation not be done by you (by email, text or by phone) to Lineberger Consulting Engineers,{!advance payment} in advance of the scheduled appointment time.
    • The engineer shall conclude any on-site services on or before 1-1.5 hrs. from the time of engineer’s arrival.  Additional engineering time shall be billed at a mutually approved rate and at the discretion of the engineer.
    • State law prohibits the inspecting engineer from discussing any information pertaining to inspection report findings with non-customers.
    • Non-Customer Engineering Report Consultations:  The engineer requires written authorization from the customer (paying entity) to discuss inspection report findings with any non-customer. Additional fees may apply to non-customers requesting inspection report engineering consultations.

HOW TO PREPARE FOR A SUCCESSFUL STRUCTURAL INSPECTION – To assure providing the best service possible during our short visit to your property, please keep the following in mind:

1. Provide us with a subdivision gate code or lock box combo if applicable.
2. We’ll need safe and non-hazardous inspection access to the site and building interior and exterior areas including any concealed spaces(interior/exterior, crawl spaces, attic spaces, garage/utility spaces);
3 . If the structure is occupied, children under the age of 18 must be attended by an adult at least 18 years of age during the delivery of our services;
4. Infrequently, we run early or late. We’ll contact you if we expect more than a 15 minute variance from our expected arrival time.
5. Pets are great, however, they occasionally limit our access to critical areas of the structure such as exterior ground level surfaces. Please assure pets and their domains allow our free, safe, and unlimited interior/exterior access to the building structure.

6. SAFETY NOTES:  The inspecting engineer shall access building structure/site spaces (interior/exterior, crawl spaces, attic spaces, garage/utility spaces) which are judged safe or non-hazardous by said engineer.  Incomplete inspections/opinions may result IF SITE OR BUILDING INSPECTION CONDITIONS ARE UNSAFE OR HAZARDOUS. Additional fees required to resolve incomplete inspections/opinions resulting from unsafe inspection conditions may apply and shall be borne by the customer.

Please contact me directly at 210.601.1379 should you have any report related questions. Thank you for choosing Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc.

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